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Camp NanoWriMio

If you follow my Instagram, you probably saw this post. My writing goal for July is to hit 20k words in my current project. I've already written a lot and 20k doesn't sound like a lot, but for me it is. Being a mom to little ones doesn't leave a lot of spare time. Plus… Continue reading Camp NanoWriMio


Book Trailer #2 on Youtube

    This is the 2nd book trailer for Second Chances. It gives more of the storyline & excerpts. Kind of like a movie trailer... Hope you enjoyed it!!! There will be lots more coming soon that dive deeper into the story PLUS some teasers for book 2 that's coming out later this year... Be… Continue reading Book Trailer #2 on Youtube


FREE e-book Winner!!!

Guess who won the free e-book, Second Chances: An Oaktown Story??? So, I posted on January 30th that I was doing a giveaway. Anyone who subscribed to my blog before March 1st, 2018 was automatically entered to win a free e-book copy of my new book, Second Chances: An Oaktown Series. Well, it's March 1st people!… Continue reading FREE e-book Winner!!!

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Book Sale .99 cents!!!

My book, Second Chances: An Oaktown Story, just went on sale on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents and paperback for $5.99!!! Grab a copy while you can! It's a quirky novella about a twenty year old girl, Grace, returning to the small town she grew up in and ran from a few years ago. Her mission… Continue reading Book Sale .99 cents!!!

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Author Bio: Chloe S. Flanagan

Later today, I will post my candid interview with Christian author, Chloe S. Flanagan. She is the author of the captivating book, "Forward To What Lies Ahead"   which I recently reviewed. (Click the title above to see my review and what the plot of the story is.) She is very sweet and personable. It was so great to work… Continue reading Author Bio: Chloe S. Flanagan