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His Encouragement Thursday #2…

Release Your Guilt Many churches fall into the trap of guilt shaming. They are so focused on beating you down on all that you have done wrong and making you feel unworthy. Now, while it is true that none of us are truly worthy of the sacrifice Christ made for us, we are redeemed. All… Continue reading His Encouragement Thursday #2…


Spiritually Dead or Full of Life?

"Better to be a small church full of life than a mega church that is spiritually dead..." This is a paraphrase of a quote by an 18 year old aspiring pastor that gave the sermon during my church service recently. This young man was full of eloquent words, witty remarks, and bold truths. It was amazing… Continue reading Spiritually Dead or Full of Life?


Final Cover for Upcoming Release…

. Well, it's been a long road, but I'm getting closer to the release date for "The Real Thing: An Oaktown Story" which is the sequel to my first novella, "Second Chances". I'm really excited to release this novella (not a short story, but not a full length novel), but I'm still editing and tidying… Continue reading Final Cover for Upcoming Release…


Good Morning!!!

What are you up to this morning?? I'm getting my morning coffee and devotional done. Making time for God in your life should be #1 on our list. It motivates me throughout my entire day. If you aren't following me on instagram, I posted some pics of the inside of my prayer journal I'm selling… Continue reading Good Morning!!!

book review

Book Review: Love’s Rescue

  Love's Rescue By: Christine Johnson This book is one I recently picked up and read. It actually impressed me, so I figured I would review it for you guys. This is a historical romance set in a harbor town in Key West Florida. You really get the feel of the beach, sand, and salty air through… Continue reading Book Review: Love’s Rescue