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The Reason For the Season-His Encouragement #15

As I sit here listening to some amazing Christmas songs online and reading through posts about this Christmas season and the blessing the world was given through Mary, I can’t help but feel encouraged and loved beyond anything I’ve known. I know my Encouragement posts have been a bit sparse this past month, but it… Continue reading The Reason For the Season-His Encouragement #15

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Finding Rest in Him

Matthew 11:28 "Come to me...I will give you rest." It's super important in our Christian walk to make time for rest. In fact, God commands it. He asks us to keep the Sabbath and do no work. Even God took a day to rest after creating all that we know. Genesis 2:2 NIV " By the… Continue reading Finding Rest in Him

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Progress Over Perfection

Progress Over Perfection Guest Post By: Caroline Hadley So many people believe their worth resides in how hard they work. If you believe this, you aren’t alone; I used to think the same thing. I tried to find my worth in stellar report cards, a perfect diet, and an excessive exercise routine. I thought that… Continue reading Progress Over Perfection

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Pushing through the tough times

  This article was tough to write. Why? The problem is I am working with a few people (through my "job") who are at very low points in their lives. I won't give out their names, genders, ages, or any other personal information. I will say that the overall problem seems that they don't feel… Continue reading Pushing through the tough times