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Camp NanoWriMio

If you follow my Instagram, you probably saw this post. My writing goal for July is to hit 20k words in my current project. I've already written a lot and 20k doesn't sound like a lot, but for me it is. Being a mom to little ones doesn't leave a lot of spare time. Plus… Continue reading Camp NanoWriMio


Sunshine Blogger Award!! 🌻☀️

Thank you so much Gail Loves God for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Two nominations for 2 different awards in a week has been such a blessing and inspiration to keep creating new content. Thank you Gail for always inspiring me with your lovely posts and moving words. You're light shines bright!  … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award!! 🌻☀️


Miss America Makeover

A Makeover for Miss America Pageant??? So, I was riding home from work today and I heard the radio host announce that the Miss America pageant would be making some major changes to the requirements for participation. They are doing away with the swimsuit and ball gown portions of the competition and would no longer be… Continue reading Miss America Makeover


Give Your Mother Some Love <3

It's Mother's Day! Show your momma some love! Our jobs don't stop on Mother's Day, but it feels good to get some recognition for all that we do. While it's nice to have some recognition, it's also important to honor our own mothers and other mothers around us. It's a sisterhood really. It sometimes involves… Continue reading Give Your Mother Some Love ❤

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Think Warm Thoughts…

I'm already planning Spring and Summer fun!!! I have lots of cute posts like this on Pinterest if you're interested: @AuthorJennyLynn or you can click the photo below to go to my page!!!   Back to the topic though ---> warm weather. We got a little taste of warm weather in the south, but… Continue reading Think Warm Thoughts…