Love & Conflict : A Look Into Jacob’s Character

I want to give you a behind the scenes look into the mind/life of my two main characters in Hearts Ablaze: A Willow Creek Romance . Today, I want to give you a look into the character, Jacob, who is the main male lead. I like things like this because you get to understand why… Continue reading Love & Conflict : A Look Into Jacob’s Character

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Tips For Writers #2

I think you should write what you love & love what you write!!! I'm not sure if that has been deemed a quote somewhere or not. I feel like I've seen it on Pinterest or something before. Nonetheless, I think it is PERFECT advice for aspiring writers and established writers alike. Recently, I was reading… Continue reading Tips For Writers #2

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Writer’s Guilt…Taking time to write…

If you're a writer or blogger with a family then maybe you can relate. I don't think I'm the only one who feels this. We writers get joy from expressing our creative thoughts through our writing. However, some of us have kids, spouses, day jobs, and other responsibilities tugging on us all through the day. When… Continue reading Writer’s Guilt…Taking time to write…

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That Writer Life

How's It Going? The life of a writer has its ups and downs. If you're currently in the stages or writing a manuscript or submitting your work to publishers then you know what a rollercoaster ride it can be. I recently finished up a manuscript for a novel that I hope to get published soon.… Continue reading That Writer Life